Goods and Services Tax
  • Review of existing contracts / agreements and advised suitably for efficient tax planning.
  • Understanding existing tax system at clients’ workplace to make those systems GST compliant.
  • Registration & Procedural compliances: Providing assistance in terms of registration under the new law, details and mechanism of the records to be maintained.
  • Training: - Educating business owners on likely impact of GST on their business and providing training to process owners and tax / accounting team.
    • Regular services such as payment of taxes, filing of returns and audit related services.
    • Providing assistance for assessment and representation before the authorities.
    • Advisory Services in the areas such as determining place of supply, determining what is “goods” and what is “services” availability of credits and maintenance of records.
    • Input Tax Credit (ITC) monitoring: GST will operate on matching GST payments by sellers with corresponding ITC credit by buyers. We can also assist in the areas of credit monitoring and checking of unmatched credits issued by Government portal.
    • Accounting & IT infrastructure: With the advent of GST, drastic revamping of existing IT infrastructure would be required. Further the entire current accounting codes / treatment may undergo a change under the new legislation. We may assist in finalizing the same also.
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